Have your kids call Santa Claus for Christmas. Let them get a call from Santa Claus. Get a letter from Santa.

Let your kids get a personalized phone call from Santa Claus for Christmas.

Santa knows the children by name, their age, their grade in school, their grades, their pet, if they have been naughty or nice. Pick your day now!

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Santa Claus North Pole H0H 0H0 Canada
My address
Visit Santa's hotline for ...
My phone number
Visit Santa's Hotline for My Phone Number
Santa knows the children by name, their age, their grade in school, their grades, their pet, if they have been naughty or nice. Pick your day now!!
Personalized Christmas Gifts with Fast Shipping
Personalized Christmas Gifts With Fast Shipping
@dsulistiyo lol. I want santa to bring me a snowmobile suit for christmas! I need it?
On Dec 6, German children celebrate Nikolaus. Why do kids put shoes outside their front doors 4 the Santa look-alike? http://bit.ly/ftJLjX
@GoldenGirlEm We must reschedule! Breakfast con Queso, I mean Santa is all up in the book club grill!
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Genuine Letters From Santa
Genuine Letters From Santa
Santa shouldn't be doing what he's doing, at least I think...
Presepial Art on Display Ninth Edition thru Jan 13th at #Naples Gesu Nouvo and Santa Chiara Churches http://bit.ly/g1WjHc #italy
Ke me traera santa?
It looks like santa exploded in my apartment. Time to drink with cheer
Just went through airport security. I walk out and see one of those photo with Santa booths. Biggest smile across my face.
Lmfaooo RT @eflores1804: @Bro0klynsChula rofl! I should and then we can make "Santa" soy and spinach burgers. *evil laughter*
@Spinchecker A Nespresso :-) What are the kids getting for Christmas? Will it break Santa's bank?
RT @SpaghettiJesus: Dear Hallmark Channel, I appreciate your pseudofeminist agenda but making Santa a woman is just ridiculous. Santa is a boy's name.
Give Santa some help in the dark! http://bit.ly/hpFrA2 #Glass #Handmade #Lantern #Recycled #Folksy
My niece just came in here and showed me her letter from Santa she was happy
????????????NO.67 : FHM Lingerie 2009 ??????????? ??????????? http://t.co/OjHMKyaVcB
@tkmraaa ????...??????????????????????????????????????????????
10 year old casually singing to @michaelbuble https://t.co/UBlv2IZm5I I Love This @OfficialSanta #christmas #santaclaus #festive
RT @hitsukun: X Made Alcoholic Santaclaus, bientôt en tournée en France ! http://t.co/Nb9Wgj45JP #MixtureRising @Xmas045 @realiveofficial
????????????NO.67 : Edgars Lingerie ????????????NO.67 http://t.co/BvC8RpeHAl
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Write letters to Santa Claus. Send your Letter to Santa at the North Pole for FREE! Get an incentive for your kids to be good for Christmas.
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